Our work

Service area

  • Consulting・Technical support:

For the Japanese domestic / overseas customers information production, from planning, processing, until the completion of responsibility, provide support for the economic efficiency of the information system. To solve these problems customer facing, provide solutions is our work. Has a wealth of knowledge and experience of the engineers, IT technical staff, foreign staff specialized personnel responsible for the corresponding。

  • ocumentation・Engineering:

In the fully meet the target or product specifications, committed to the easy to understand, easy to read, and accurate content production. With a wealth of knowledge, experience and technical writing and drawing personnel to service customers pail simple. Also, investment, sales of products in the market, after sale service and other related services, to build a flexible and reasonable production system。

  • Multi・Language:

Provide data support for doing business overseas customers. From the original to write to the translation editor, data transmission, printing, distribution management, provide the service be consistent from beginning to end. In the translation services, using the company's overseas network and local legal person can provide more than 20 languages in the multilingual translation for customers。

  • Education・Train:

Provide training for customer training textbooks, teaching materials production and sales, after sale service support tool making service. In the automobile after sale service training textbooks, teaching materials in aspects of the company has many of the performance. Our team has rich experience and knowledge of the technical staff guidance, digital content, video, DTP personnel and other professionals。

Service area

Translation service

multilingual 「Communicate」

The speed and quality of translation. Translated into various languages use special materials, by experienced native correction personnel check.

Content production


In accordance with the purposes to provide a variety of content production. Through the accumulation of experience, provide a variety of planning, proposal

Graphic technology

With illustrations「Communicate」

To provide precision, accurate, easy to understand illustrations. The precision of illustrations, help users to more easily understand the content。

Technical writing

  In the article「Communicate」

Written in easy to read, easy to understand instructions, can improve customer satisfaction and reduce the auxiliary service。

Automobile business

Automobile business「Communicate」

From the technical literature of the vehicle, to the 4S store sales, support and information management, to provide customers with comprehensive services


  Through education「Communicate」

E-learning, image, educational material or

educational process of collective training data and other kinds of.